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Transforming culinary experiences one concept at a time

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    Michelin Star Chef

    Since 2017

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    20+ years of experience

    In culinary and hospitality

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    Proven Track Record

    With top venues in London

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    Dual Expertise

    In the worlds of culinary and hopsitality

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Welcome to asimakis consulting

A michelin starred chef and hospitality consultant

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As a Michelin-starred chef and hospitality consultant, I bring an unparalleled culinary expertise and a discerning palate to elevate dining experiences. With a proven track record in the culinary world, I craft innovative and exquisite dishes that showcase my commitment to quality and precision.

Beyond the kitchen, my role as a hospitality consultant involves leveraging my extensive industry knowledge to enhance overall guest satisfaction. I collaborate with establishments to optimize operations, refine service standards, and create memorable dining environments. My dual expertise ensures a harmonious blend of culinary excellence and strategic insights, setting a new standard for gastronomic delight and unparalleled hospitality.

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